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Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic surgery is a relatively young surgical branch of medicine, which has been experiencing its greatest development in recent years. In aesthetic medicine, there are many different surgical methods and procedures, but each of these methods must be applied in accordance with the specificity of the person being subjected to it and the individuality of each person must be taken into account. We will present to you all the procedures and possibilities of aesthetic medicine, and try to answer most of your questions, so that you would be fully informed and to be able to make decisions about the desired intervention. Bigger surgery requires general anesthesia.

You can do a complete preoperative preparation (diagnostics) with us. Modern medicine also allows certain operations to be performed in local or regional anesthesia with possible controlled sedation. A large number of surgical procedures are performed in the infirmary, while others require a fixed stay, which on average lasts from 24 to 48 hours, with all the conditions of comfort and medical care provided. Our clinic applies most contemporary medical achievements and uses most contemporary devices, including CO2 surgical laser, as well as QX MAX Yag laser (for tattoo removal).


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