S-Tetik - FAQ

Is the breast feeding possible after the breasts augmentation and after breast reconstruction /reduction /lifting?

After breast augmentation and fitting the implants, breast feeding is possible,but after breast reconstruction/reduction/lifting breast feeding is not recommended.

Is the recovery period after fitting the breast implants painful?

It depends on the type of the procedure which surgeon chose. If you are the candidate for implantation under muscle you can feel the pain to be more precise you can feel the pressure which lasts for 7 days .Though If you are the candidate for implantation under the skin, there is no pain at all.

Is the travelling by plane allowed after the breast implantation ?

Of course it is but after recovery period up to 7 days.

Is the recovery period after nose surgery painful?

No ,it is not.

Is the travelling by plane allowed after the nose surgery ?

It is not allowed for a month after the surgery procedure.

Is it possible that the hairs grow back after the laser treatment?

No,it is not possible after the Light Sheer Laser treatment. There is a big difference between the achieved results after the laser treatment and it depends on the type of laser you have chosen.IPL device treat superficial skin layer so it cannot destroy hair root it just slows down its growth, but the Light Sheer Lumenis Laser treats hair root(wave length of this laser beam is 810nm) and destroys it. This is the reason why if you have chosen this laser you will need less treatments in comparing with other lasers.

Is it allowed to use laser treatment for the hairs around the areols(nipples) and is the treatment painful?

The laser treatment can be used anywhere on the body except for the hairs in nose ,ears and under the eyebrows. The laser treatment is not more painful than in other laser treatments.

Does stretch mark removal laser exist?

The optimal solutions for stretch marks is Pearl Fractional laser which is 50-80% successful. It is necessary to do 2-4 treatments for desirable results.

Is it possible to remove successfully cellulite using the mesotherapy?

Body Mesotherapy (CelluCare) helps decomposition of the fat cells as a result we have gradually increased surplus fat. However if we want maximal effect of mesotherapy we can do something for ourselves;

  • to drink 2l of water during the day
  • do some exercise
  • eat healthy food
  • reduce the quantity of salt in your diet

If you follow these suggestions, 5-10 treatments will be enough.