S-TETIK is primarily focused on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. However, we also perform examinations and various interventions in the field orthopedics and traumatology, general and abdominal surgery, oncology, gynecology and dermatology, as well as ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics. We have gathered the best doctors in their respective fields who live and work in this region, which you can see for yourself when you visit us.  We are located in Arsenija Čarnojevića Street in Obilićevo, near the Ministry of Science and Culture in Banja Luka.

Our expert team are:
Ass. Prof. Darko Jović, MD, PhD, specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery
Goran Vujić, MD, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
Prof. Aleksandar Jakovljević, MD, PhD, specialist in orthopedic surgery
Prof. Branislava Jakovljević, MD, PhD, specialist in internal medicine, medical oncologist
Prof. Jovan Ćulum, MD, PhD, specialist in general surgery
Primarius Ljiljana Kandić, MD, specialist in anesthesia with reanimation
Primarius Vesna Jelić, MD, specialist in dermatovenerology
Nevena Tešović, MD, laser center
Olivera Kosovac, MD, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery – visiting doctor
Primarius Mirko Šatara, MD, specialist in children’s surgery
Vladimir Krivokuća, MD, specialist in urology
Milica Čelebić, MD, dentist
Jelena Jotanovic, MD, dentist
Andja Cazic, MD, resident of internal medicine
Prof. Nebojša Jović, MD, PhD, specialist in maxillofacial surgery
Mario Mizdarić, MD, specialist in maxillofacial surgery