General dentistry
a dentist review,
conservative dentistry (composite fillings, white sealants),
endodoncy – tooth treatment,
ultrasonic removal of tartar and teeth polishing,
air flow – teeth sandblasting.

Aesthetic dentistry
Metal ceramic, non-metal, zirconium crowns,
whitening vital and non – vital teeth,
veneers – ceramic facets,
dental jewelry,
ceramic sealants.

installation of implants with suprastructure,
bridges and dental prostheses.

Dental prosthetics
CAD CAM technology – the production of non-metal and zirconium crowns and bridges in one visit metal-ceramic crowns,
non-metal and zirconium crowns,
total and partial dentures (skeletal and platelet),
crowns on implants,
temporary crowns and bridges.

removal of dental deposits,
curettage of pockets,
surgical therapy.

Teeth X – ray
digital tooth shooting with computerized reading of X – ray recording.

Laser Biolase iPlus
cavity preparation,
endocanal therapy,

periodontal therapy,
extension of tooth crown,
opening implants,
opening a sulcus for taking a print.

Children’s and preventive dentistry
training for maintaining oral hygiene,
teeth fluoride,
milk teeth extraction,
sealing fissures,
teeth protectors.

mobile orthodontic appliances,
fixed orthodontic appliances,
align ortho foil.

Complicated and uncomplicated tooth extraction,
Extraction of impacted teeth,
Apicoectomy – an operative procedure that removes the top of the root and with it also the pathological process (cyst or granulation tissue) in cases where it is not possible to conservatively take care of tooth,
Bone augmentation or the addition of bone where it is missing is a standard operating technique in the area of implantology for less bone defects where we use resorptive membranes and artificial bones or it is performed a few months before placing the implants in order to create the conditions for their placement,
Gingivoplasty is an oral surgical intervention that reduces the visible part of the gingiva and extends clinical crowns,
Hemisection is performed when the entire tooth is not lost but only its one root, while the other roots continue to hold the tooth and can later be used for prosthetic rehabilitation,
Sinus lifting is a technique where the bottom of the sinus rises upwards, and then the artificial bone is applied, which creates the conditions for installing an implant after a few months,
Installation of dental implants,
The implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone and thus replaces the root of the missing tooth, and on which an artificial tooth can be placed.