Primary breast reconstruction is a solution for patients with an early stage of the disease. At the same time, after surgery that provides surgical treatment, is also performed reconstruction of the breasts. Depending on the quality of the skin, the size of breasts and the nature of the tumor, this procedure is most often performed by implanting the prosthesis into the area under the muscles of the chest wall, with additional procedures of reconstructive surgery to preserve the shape and to simulate better a healthy breast.

Sometimes corrections of a healthy breast are necessary in order to obtain symmetry of the chest. These patients have no sense of breast loss. This helps them recover more easily and quickly. Breast reconstruction does not affect the course and prognosis of the disease and does not interfere with its further monitoring.

Secondary breast reconstruction is an operation reserved for all patients who have removed breast. It is a procedure that can be carried out for several months or a year after the completion of oncology treatment. All patients who do not have an extension of the underlying disease, and are motivated to return a quality life to themselves are candidates for this. There are several types of breast reconstruction in the period after the removal of breast. Depending on the additional oncology treatment, the quality of the skin and the size of the breast different procedures are performed. Of course, they are performed according to the wishes of the patient and the possibilities of their constitution.

The simplest procedure is breast reconstruction with a temporary or permanent prosthesis, with or without correction of a healthy breast.

This procedure is comfortable for patients, it lasts relatively short and the postoperative course is not difficult for them so that they move into a new life after two weeks. It is recommended to use endoprosthesis of anatomic form because they have a better simulation of the natural breast.

Patients also have the possibility of delayed reconstructions with their own tissue. The most commonly used is the wide back muscle or anterior abdominal, along with the part of the skin of that region. These operations were reserved for patients who had air chest wall treatment, or they had a voluminous healthy breast.

Namely, the indication is the patient’s desire not to use prostheses in reconstruction. Operations with their own tissue have a slightly longer postoperative recovery, but distant cosmetic results are more durable.

Patients that previously have their nipples removed, after 3 to 6 months undergo to reconstruction. The operation is extremely simple.

A free transplant is taken from the opposite nipple or from the pigmented parts of the body. The operation is performed in local anesthesia and the recovery is rapid.


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