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In the clinic S - tetik, a children's surgery clinic has been set up, which is headed by Dr. Mirko Šatara, one of the leading experts in the field of children's surgery. The clinic has signed a contract with the Health Insurance Fund, so now you [...]


There are many factors that can cause hair loss. Basically, the sensitivity to hormones called the androgens, especially dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is basically increased. Androgenetic alopecia is precisely caused by the genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to the effect of this hormone. DHT causes a gradual shortening [...]


General dentistry a dentist review, conservative dentistry (composite fillings, white sealants), endodoncy - tooth treatment, ultrasonic removal of tartar and teeth polishing, air flow – teeth sandblasting. Aesthetic dentistry Metal ceramic, non-metal, zirconium crowns, whitening vital and non - vital teeth, veneers - ceramic facets, dental [...]