Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic surgery is a relatively new surgical branch of medicine, which has been experiencing its greatest development in recent years. There are many different surgical methods and procedures in aesthetic medicine, but each of these methods must be applied in accordance with the specificities of each patient, with the individuality of each person being taken into account. We will describe all the procedures and possibilities that aesthetic medicine provides, thus trying to answer most of your questions in order to fully inform you so you can make decisions about your desired intervention. Major surgical interventions require general anaesthesia.

Complete preoperative preparation (diagnostics) can be performed in our clinic. Modern medicine also allows certain procedures to be performed under local or regional anaesthesia with the possibility of controlled sedation. A number of surgical procedures are outpatient procedures, while other procedures require the patient to stay at the clinic for 24 to 48 hours on average. Of course, comfort and medical care are ensured. In our clinic, state-of-the-art medical achievements are applied and modern devices are used. This includes, for example, the CO2 surgical laser and the QX MAX Yag laser (for tattoo removal).


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