This procedure can eliminate small wrinkles, skin dents, pigmentations, as well as small; scars left behind by acne and the poxes. Dermabrasion surgery requires local anesthesia and special creams for smaller areas or analgosedation when the whole face is done. The surface layer of the skin, which is responsible for regeneration, is removed (its regeneration is stimulated). The process is performed by chemical route (various acids), diamond dermabraser, or laser. It is performed in local or general anesthesia. The collagen mask changes every three days, and is worn 6 to 8 days. The mask serves to prevent infection, hydrate and nourish young skin and protect it from the external influence of time.

After dermabrasion, the skin becomes smooth and shiny. The first three months it is pink. In the next year, it takes the color of the surrounding skin. You should avoid exposure to the sun until the skin gets its color.

Complications are very rare, and are most common in smokers. One of the possible complications after dermabrasion is the possibility of stain lag (hyper or hypopigmentation) on the face skin “zebra effect”. Dermabrasion should be done in late autumn, winter, or early spring when there are least sunny hours.


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