Lower leg correction with implants

The inside of the thigh and the lower leg can be thickened with implants. The operation is performed in general anesthesia. The cuts are made in the crotches for the implants of the upper leg and in the pit back of the knee for the implants of the lower leg. After surgery, the patient is advised to rest with legs raised. He must wear corsets or vein bandages. As a difference to enlargement of the breast and buttocks, these implants are felt and it takes several months to get used to it.

Correction of the lower leg and other regions with Aquafilling
Aquafilling is a type of hydrophilic gel that is biocompatible with human soft tissue, consisting of 2-4% cationic copolyamide and 96-98% 0.9% physiological sodium chloride solution. With it, one can achieve the enlargement and transformation of any region on the body (calves, upper legs, seat regions, breasts, face, chin, cheek bone, lips …), and the results last for five years and more.


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