Cosmetology Center with classic cosmetic services also offers services that are closely related to medical treatment, and as such is a perfect complement to the laser center that works within the clinic as well as in the dermatological ambulance. All cosmetic treatments work with top preparations and cosmetics, and our cosmetologists will provide you with the best care and service.

With the constant education of our staff and by following the world trends, we have become a reference center for REVIDERM cosmetics, as well as the first center for the sale and application of Biologique Recherche face cosmetics. From the classic services such as nail extension, make-up, pedicures and manicures, massages, and up to the treatments involving top cosmetics or appliances, our cosmetology center tends to provide you with the best service with visible results, to your and our satisfaction.



Word of cosmetologist

Tajana Jović

Cosmetology with us is a concern that your skin and you are more beautiful and satisfied with yourself, working constantly on education and following trends, within our center we use only the topmost products that come from the sphere of medical cosmetics. By combining top cosmetics and state-of-the-art equipment, we give you a modern and healthy look.

Let top professionals take care of your health and appearance