LPG body treatments

HEALTH – recovery of connective tissue after various diseases, accidents, surgeries, various pathological conditions.
BEAUTY – anti-cellulite treatments, body shaping treatments, tightening of the skin, stimulation of circulation, faster recovery and better results in aesthetic surgery, reduction of signs of aging.
SPORT – prepares muscles for effort and helps in their recovery. Helps healing and rehabilitation, optimizes the work of tissue and joints.

Lipomassage for male
Treatment of localized fat accumulation for men.
Masculine contouring treatment
Body shaping treatment.

Individualized LPG treatments
Aesthetic facial and body treatments adjusted to the problems, morphology and goals of the client.

Lipomassage treatment packages
The LPG therapist, on the basis of review and evaluation of the client, creates an individual aesthetic protocol that, through 6 or 12 treatments, helps to eliminate aesthetic problems of the body – reduction of cellulite and localized fat, shaping, tightening and strengthening of the body.
Android Lipomassage treatment
Aesthetic treatment of the upper part of the body – accent on the abdomen and waist.
Gynoid Lipomassage treatment
The combination of Android and Gynoid treatment.
Total care Lipomassage treatment
Aesthetic treatment of the lower part of the body – accent on the buttocks, hips, thighs.
Cellulite smoothing treatment
Treatment of cellulite smoothing
LPG Enermodraining – light legs
Treatments of drainage of swollen and tired legs.
Draining treatment – aqueous cellulite
The combination of Android and Gynoid treatment


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