Skeyndor facial treatments

Mesotherapy technology implies non-invasive (no needle) introduction of a variety of substances for the purpose of degrading fatty tissue and strengthening connective tissue. New mesotherapy technology allows the extraction of plant stem cells that serve to correct and rejuvenate the skin, maximally accelerating the recovery of the skin by returning normal function and appearance to the tissue.

Mesotherapy Mesofiller
Mesofiller program, for filling wrinkles. In shallow wrinkles the success is up to 70%, at deeper ones up to 50%. Treatments are also preventive because this cosmetic achievement against wrinkles increases and keeps water. The micro-network is created in 28 days, since the programmed active ingredients are gradually released.

Skeyndor Ultrasonic skin spatula D110 plus ultra
This remarkable product combines mechanical and electrical vibration, thus deepening the skin and at the same time massaging it, it is applied in skin cleansing, treatment of wrinkles and pimples.

Skin hygiene or ultrasonic peeling
This system achieves a double effect, thanks to mechanical vibration: it stimulates cell renewal to maintain skin hygiene. These vibrations create aerosolization. This is an easily recognizable effect, as a water cloud is formed during contact with the skin spatula. In this way, deep cleaning and removal of accumulated impurities is achieved. It comes to instant rejuvenation of the skin, better appearance of wrinkles, lines of expression and reduction of stains. It also prepares the skin for better absorption of active principles.


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