Venus Legacy 4D body

Venus Legacy radiofrequency is a non-surgical treatment of body shaping and skin tightening, extremely safe for use in any part of the body on which is desired a firm, shiny and smooth skin. It is ideal for the treatment of hands, thighs, stomach, back, hips and buttocks.

The results may be visible after several treatments, without pain, discomfort, or time needed for recovery.

To achieve faster and more efficient results, we can do a combination of Venus treatments and mesotherapy of a specific region. Possibilities of making individual packages of Venus and Mesotherapy.

Skin tightening, cellulite removal and reduction of fat cells is achieved thanks to the thermal reaction that the multipolar radiofrequency creates in the tissue, thus stimulating the natural healing of the body that creates a new collagen, as well as new elastin. The new collagen tightens the skin, which leads to a stronger appearance and feeling, while elastin also contributes to the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Venus body
One region,
Two or more regions.


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