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What are foils for tooth straightening?
Foils for teeth straightening (Invisalign or eCligner or invisible fixed prosthesis) are different names for plastic transparent foils used to correct mild teeth irregularities. Unlike classic fixed prostheses consisting of bands, arches and elastic rubbers, foils for teeth fixing bring teeth to an ideal position with the help of plastic, transparent aligners.

How do the foils for teeth straightening look like?
Invisible foils for teeth straightening are made of thin, transparent plastic (medical polyurethane). They are similar to foils for home teeth whitening, but they are made of hard plastic, which is thinner and more transparent than foil for teeth whitening. Wearing the foil for straightening teeth is even less noticeable than wearing foil for whitening teeth.

How do the foils for teeth straightening work?
Foils or plastic aligners are set over the teeth and produce mild forces that move the teeth. Each foil has a well-defined task and shifts the teeth by 0.25-0.3 mm. Final results can be achieved by wearing a maximum of 10 foils per jaw. After a month of wearing one foil, you take the next teeth straightening foil and the movement continues until the ideal position that was determined at the beginning of the therapy.
Each foil is responsible for only one step in the entire therapy and moves teeth exactly to the position defined by that foil. The movement of the teeth is shown in the software animation and based on this animation the necessary number of foils is defined

How are foils for teeth correction made?

The production process goes through three phases:

Overview with orthodontist
If you thought that foils are a great solution for you, there are probably many questions that you would like to ask, and many more things are unclear and you want to know them before making a definite decision. During an orthodontic examination, you can ask all the questions that are of interest to you, and on the other hand, the orthodontist will evaluate whether the foil for teeth straightening is the best solution for you. Each patient is different and foils are not the best solution for each patient.

Taking dental impression and orthodontic analysis
Before the orthodontist starts planning the therapy, it is necessary to collect certain information about the current state of the teeth, their position, how you bite and the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. That is why he needs dental impression, X-rays (Orthopan and tele-X-ray), and photographs of the face.

Animation of tooth movement and foil production
During the first consultation with the orthodontist, 2 pairs of impressions are taken. One pair for orthodontic analysis, and another pair for a technician who scans the models obtained from the impression and enters them in the software program. The software then calculates the ideal position of the teeth and the necessary movements. Based on this, the required number of foils is determined. This animation then looks the orthodontist and, on the basis of the done orthodontic analysis, makes, if necessary, some corrections of the teeth position. Then you also look at the animation of the movement of the teeth.
If you agree with the proposed result, the technician continues the process of making the foil. The technician makes as many models as the software has determined that is needed, and based on these models he makes the foils. You get all the foils at once, with a carefully marked layout of wearing.


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