Apicoectomy/resection is an oral surgical procedure where the bone process is removed above the top of the tooth root, which is the consequence of the infection of the canal inside the tooth root. When, for some reason, the infection breaks into the bone, above the top of the tooth root appears granuloma, that is pus sac on the root.

Before this operation is performed, it is necessary to make complete endodoncy on the affected tooth, that is remove the infection from the root canal to prevent recurrence.

If the endodoncy would precede to apicoectomy quickly after the apicoectomy was performed, it would get to the penetration of bacteria from the infected root canal of the tooth and the occurrence of the process again.

The process on the tooth in some cases quickly after its creation gives acute symptoms in the form of severe pain and swelling. However, in some cases, the process can progress slowly, grow into a cyst, and reach greater levels before it is spotted.

Apicoectomy is a short-term oral surgical intervention whose goals we have already explained. It is performed in local anesthesia and is absolutely painless. Through the cut on gums, it is approached to the top of the root canal of tooth and using special instruments the infectious process is removed to a healthy bone.

If needed, apicoectomy can also be combined with some bone regeneration techniques using PRF growth factors, artificial bones and membranes.


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