CAD CAM technology – Production of non-metallic and zirconium crowns and bridges

In our clinic we have a large experience in making ceramic veneers using CAD CAM access in dentistry (computer 3D measurement and design) on the CEREC machine, which provides perfect precision, top aesthetic results and production in just one hour.
In addition, Digital Smile Design (DSD) software, which also belongs to the family of computer assistants for dentists, allows us to show the patient the final result before the procedure begins. When it comes to just one tooth, this type of complex planning is not necessary, but it gives excellent results when working in parallel with more teeth.

The use of the DSD protocol involves measuring and photographing, software modeling of the future look of a smile, and the creation of a model and temporary facets on the basis of which the definite ceramic facets will be made. All this can be achieved without correction of the tooth in the jaw only if it is necessary to add the tooth substance (for example: closing the gap between the teeth). If it is necessary to grind the tooth substance, then the DSD system is not applicable, but only on the model a new smile can be presented.

When it comes to the DSD system, as soon as the patient is satisfied with the presented shape and the teeth position, it is possible to access the scanning of temporary crowns and making definite facets based on them. Then the preparation of grinding tooth is followed, if necessary. If not, no-prep veneers will be used.

When the teeth are prepared, they are scanned with the CEREC OMNI CAM scanner and it is followed by the access to the software modeling of the facet. After that, all facets are made in the CEREC MCXL machine for making dental restorations, and during the visit, the finished facets are tried on.

Sometimes it is necessary to add to the color of the facet in the ceramic furnace, which can take a little time, where the entire process is completed for a maximum of two days, while the temporary facets are available for patients during that period. The final phase is the preparation and cementing of finished ceramic facets. The patient immediately after cementing can continue with all life activities, but is only advised that in the first few days they avoid carbonated drinks.


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