Ceramic facets, veneers

Dental facets or veneers represent the least invasive method for changing the color, shape and position of teeth. They make it possible to maximally preserve the tooth substance and to make a more beautiful smile with minimal grinding or even completely without the grinding of teeth.

If grinding of teeth is necessary, it is slightly, about 0.5mm, where it is important not to brush the whole enamel, because cement best connects ceramic facets and tooth if there is still a layer of glaze.

The ideal target group for facets are patients who have all the teeth, that is, where there are no teeth that already have crowns. In the case that a tooth is missing then on the adjacent teeth crowns must be made, and then a bridge is constructed.

On a tooth that has already been grinded for a dental crown is not possible to make facet, but only the new crown. In practice, there is often the combination of ceramic facets and dental crowns on teeth on which it is not possible to make facets.

The material from which the facets are made can be composite or ceramic. Composite facets are made from the same material as fillings, and they do not provide aesthetic results like ceramic facets, they require more frequent corrections and they do not have a long lifetime.

On the other hand, such facets are easier and cheaper to make than ceramic veneers.

Ceramic facets represent the most perfect and aesthetically most acceptable solution for transforming the appearance of natural teeth. As already mentioned, ceramic veneers can be placed after minimal grinding of teeth, or even without grinding (no-prep veneers).

Whether it will be necessary to grind the tooth depends from case to case, that is from the position and shape of the teeth before the facet is made, as well as from the desired shape of the teeth which will be obtained when installing a ceramic facet.


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