Children’s and preventive dentistry

Children’s and preventive dentistry is a very important branch of dentistry, which primarily deals with hygiene and preservation of primary teeth, which will depend on the quality and strength of permanent teeth later.
Good hygiene and proper nutrition are the main preconditions for preventing dental caries. The most common cause of caries is insufficient oral hygiene.

Therefore, care should be taken of the selection of accessories quality for maintaining hygiene of mouth and teeth:
Dental floss,
Liquid for rinsing mouth and teeth.

Preventive measures of teeth protection include: tooth fluoride treatment, fissure sealant and repair of primary and permanent teeth.

Fluor has a very important role in the prevention of caries and the improvement of teeth strength.

Tooth fluoride therapy is a short-term treatment (toothpaste with high fluorine concentration is applied) and it is recommended four times a year (with every new season).

By the term fissure sealant, the fissure is filled with a liquid fluorine composite to prevent plaque retention and caries formation.
Children in the sixth year of life get the first permanent tooth – sixths that play a major role in the occlusion of the upper and lower jaw. This is the period of the teeth replacement, when the hygiene is not at a very high level, so the sealantof fissures of permanent teeth plays a key role in preserving teeth.

The period of sprouting primary teeth is from the sixth month of life until the age of three. Not long after the second primary tooth sprouted, the child should be taken to the first visit to the dentist. Baby teeth should be treated as permanent ones – in order to prevent transmission of infection to the germ of permanent teeth, to preserve the space for a permanent tooth and to develop the culture of going to the dentist.


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