Compensation of bone defects using the method of distraction ostegenesis

Osteogenesis distraction is a reconstructive surgical procedure that is more and more used and has become a worldwide accepted method for treatment of innate and acquired craniofacial anomalies. Distraction procedures do not increase only bone volume but stimulate the growth of surrounding soft tissues with tension. This special co-effect is called “distraction histogenesis” and it reduces the pressure of soft tissues that occurs in conventional osteotomies, which was one of the main causes of recurrence.

The conclusion of most authors is that with the use of the DO method there are significantly less complications than with conventional surgical procedures.

The proposed protocol treatment and performance criteria will certainly require further modifications and additions but can be used in future clinical studies to provide objective data.

The future directions of the development of craniofacial DO include:
Influence of the growth factor on DO,
Influence of DO on the cranial skeleton in the growth process,
Improvement of osteotomy technique through endoscopy,
Development of miniature multidirectional distraction devices that enable interceptive DO,
Modification and improvement of treatment protocols via craniofacial DO.


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