Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the foundation of dentistry. It is based on prevention, diagnostics, treatment and repair of teeth damaged by caries.

The objectives of conservative dentistry are healthy, beautiful, functional and aesthetically decorated teeth.

Fighting caries starts from the youngest days. By washing teeth and going to the dentist, we strive to maintain the health and beauty of our teeth. Preventive action is one of the tasks of conservative dentistry.

In order to recognize teeth changes in time, even before the patient experiences pain, it is necessary to monitor these changes systematically, to act preventively and in that way prevent a more extensive destruction of dental tissue. When pain occurs, it is usually a caries or inflammation of the pulp of the tooth, popularly called inflammation of the “nerve” or “root” of the tooth.

In these cases, by conservative dentistry techniques, dentists solve the problem and prevent further complications such as severe, pulsating pain, abscess, tooth loss, and the need for more extensive interventions.


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