Frenulectomy (also known as frenectomy or frenotomy) is the process of removing the frenulum. Frenulum is a fibrous outgrowth in the oral cavity. We distinguish lingual, labial and buccal frenulum depending on its place in the oral cavity.

The lingual frenulum is located on the join of the tongue and alveolar ridge of the mouth, the labial frenulum is located on the join of the upper lip and the alveolar ridge of the upper jaw, and the buccal frenulum is on the join of the cheek and the upper alveolar ridge.

Frenula are completely normal creations, and if they are more expressed then they can create certain problems that need to be removed.

Lingual frenulum can lead to a mild disorder of the function of the tongue. This problem in children can result in speech development problems. In adult patients, there is usually an interference in prosthetic work.

Labial frenulum in children can lead to a gap between the front upper teeth (incisors) and later the appearance of gums recession. In the older age, a labial frenulum can lead to problems with the installation of prosthetic work.

All of these problems are solved by removing the frenulum. The laser method is extremely suitable due to its precision. Also, due to the absence of bleeding, pain and sewing of wound, the frenectomy by the laser method is especially suitable for children.


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