Gingivoplasty is a surgical shaping of a healthy gingival tissue that surrounds the tooth. None of these procedures involves bone removal.

Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty are most often performed with scalpel, but also electrosurgical devices, lasers and /or diamond drills can be used. The dentist may also use instruments specially designed for the surgical procedure mentioned.

Gingivoplasty (which is one of the most common periodontal procedures) gives the gingiva a natural look (shape). This surgical procedure corrects the malformations and asymmetry caused by the genetic factor, but the procedure can only have a cosmetic purpose (gummy smile; the unequal length of the teeth; the irregular appearance of dental arch above the teeth). Gingivoplasty is usually performed independently of gingivectomy, but can also be done before or after gingivectomy.


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