Laser tooth repair – BioLase iPlus

Laser has been successfully and quickly used in addition to dental interventions for the following procedures: dermatological problems, dioptre correction, surgical procedures. Anyone who has solved some of their problems with the laser probably knows how powerful this technology is. Now this technology is available to you at the dentist.

What is a laser?
This is a device that emits the directed light of the resp. wavelength absorbed in the dental tissue and surrounding dental flesh. In these tissues, light exerts its beneficial effect.

Our laser can be used for almost all dental procedures:
Caries cleaning – repair of the teeth without a drill and contact with the tooth,
Periodontitis – cleaning of the pockets without surgery and sharp instruments,
Preparation and cleaning of the canal-removal of the nerve from the teeth without needles,
Preparation for setting crowns – aesthetic modeling of the gingiva around the teeth,

Tooth operations – removing the top of the root and the “pus sac” with the laser,
Teeth whitening.

How does the laser work?
Similar to the use of a drill, the tooth is treated with a laser beam and a gentle stream of water. The process used in the work is called HydroPhotonic and this combination of laser and water provides a very precise and gentle intervention.

Does it hurt?
The use of a laser does not hurt. Depending on the intervention, it can cause an unpleasant feeling. For example, based on our experience, for the treatment of paradentosis is used a very small dose of anesthetic, treatment of caries can cause some pain (much less than with a drill), but very often patients do not require anesthesia. When doing cyst operations, the postoperative period is shorter and significantly less painful than in standard techniques.

Also, some of our patients have stated that they are pleasantly surprised, as the complete feeling is different from what they are used to. No contact with the tooth during repair. All of our patients that have had laser treatment so far, have reacted very positively.


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