Mobile orthodontic appliances

For our little patients, who are still growing and developing, there are mobile orthodontic appliances. They can only be for one jaw – mono maxillary (active plates) or for both jaws – bi maxillary (activator, bionator). Patients can put them and remove them on their own from the mouth. It is important to emphasize that in the treatment with mobile devices, the cooperation and the child’s desire to carry the device is extremely important, because, in order to be successful, the appliance must be worn 14 to 16 hours a day.

Mobile appliances cannot correctly and completely correct the heavily rotated or inclined teeth and teeth that have sprouted in the wrong place. Fixed appliances are used for such anomalies. Therapy with mobile orthodontic devices is mainly the first phase of therapy, which we start at an earlier age, and which corrects the position of the jaw, and after that, a fixed apparatus is installed that corrects the position of the teeth and ends the therapy. If the problem is not resolved in the younger age, it eventually becomes more difficult and more complicated.


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