Osteoplasty of defects and deformities of bones of the face and jaw

Face and jaw deformities are followed by disorders of one or more functions and interference of aesthetic character, causing a constant psychological burden in patients, regardless of gender and age..

The causes of prognathism are many. Sometimes it is impossible to determine which etiological factor – endogenous or exogenous – had a decisive influence.

As they are different in their etiology, the deformities of the face and jaw are clinically manifested in different ways, and they also occur in different life periods.

There are various types of prognathism. Under the prognathism, we mean abnormal facial appearance and a bite disorder with or without disturbed jaw relationship to the base of the skull. Prognathism can be symmetrically or asymmetrically represented.

Operational treatment of prognathism should achieve:
Improvement of the chewing function,
Improvement of the speech,
Improvement of breathing,
Prevention of periodontium,
Prevention of disorder of the lower jaw joint,
Alleviation of prosthetic care,
Improvement of aesthetic appearance.

Many disorders of the position of the teeth and bite can be successfully conservatively treated in children, and now in adults. Surgical methods of treatment are considered only after the end of growth. Surgical procedures involve osteotomy in the area of the alveolar ridge, as well as in the jaw area. They aim to establish normal occlusal and articulation relationships, and at the same time to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face.


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