Removal of dental plaque

The goal of removal of deposits, known as a part of conventional or non-surgical periodontal therapy, is to eliminate etiological agents causing inflammation of the gum: dental plaque, tartar and its products, and by this is achieved an improvement in the health of teeth and other surrounding tissues.

Removal of deposits implies the removal of plaque, tartar, pigmentation from the crown and the root of the teeth, and if necessary, a specific treatment of the removal of the rough part of the cement root of the teeth, which is covered with tartar, microorganisms and their toxins.

This treatment is often called deep cleansing, using many ultrasound and hand instruments. Preparing the mouth for the prosthesis sometimes requires pre-prosthetic surgery. In some patients it is necessary to perform minor surgical interventions before placing partial or total dentures in order to ensure the maximum level of comfort of wearing the denture.

The prosthesis is located on the alveolar ridge so it is very important that the bone has the appropriate shape and size. If the tooth has to be removed, the supporting bone may remain sharp and must be transformed so that the denture would lie well and stable without causing pain.


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