Surgical therapy

Oral surgical procedures are considered minor surgical procedures and are usually performed in the conditions of local anesthesia, but it is also possible to provide patient sedation if needed.

Extraction of unerupted teeth and wisdom teeth
Common problems are unerupted teeth, usually wisdom teeth. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as inadequate space for the storage of all teeth or the appearance of certain obstacles on the path of growing. In order to ensure the health and normal functioning of other teeth, and to prevent severe inflammation that can occur due to poor position of partially grown teeth, it is necessary to remove them.

Surgical removal of such teeth is a completely painless and safe method today, and the recovery is quick and successful.

Surgical treatment of the tooth root
Chronic inflammations at the top of the tooth root and cyst in the jaw are nowadays resolved operatively with predictable and long-term success.

Corrections of bone and soft tissue
Surgical measures treat various malformations of bone and soft tissue that can occur in patients after long wearing of the prostheses or for those that need a replacement of the tissue for the purpose of providing conditions for adequate prosthetic therapy.


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