Hospital services

In Clinic STETIK, we have consolidated in one place a large number of ambulances and top specialists to create a top specialist-diagnostic center that can provide you with all the necessary health care and protection. A large number of our ambulances signed contracts with the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Srpska, and in this way we have brought our service closer to all our present and future patients. Within the clinic, the following clinics work:

Within the clinic, the following clinics work:
Oncology clinic,
Gynecology and obstetrics clinic,

Dermatologist’s clinic,
Cardiology clinic,
General and Abdominal Surgery Clinic,
Ambulanta dječije hirurgije,
Children’s Surgery Clinic,
Clinic of plastic reconstructive surgery,
Orthopedic clinic,
Neurology clinic,
Ambulance of chest surgery,
Urology clinic.


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Darko Jović

Word of doctor

Doc. PhD. Darko Jović

Aesthetic surgery is a relatively young surgical branch of medicine, which has been experiencing its greatest development in recent years. In aesthetic medicine, there are many different surgical methods and procedures, but each of these methods must be applied in accordance with the specificity of the person being subjected to it and the individuality of each person must be taken into account. We will present to you all the procedures and possibilities of aesthetic medicine, thus trying to answer most of your questions, to be fully informed and to make decisions about the desired intervention. General surgery requires general anesthesia.

Let top professionals take care of your health and appearance