What is botox?
Botox is a natural purified protein produced by bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Initially, its application area was ophthalmology and neurology, and in the last few years it has been used most in cosmetology.

Botox temporarily removes already existing wrinkles but certainly prevents the occurrence of new ones. It’s best to start with Botox before the wrinkles appear. In this way you will not have them for a long time. Do not inject it more often than 6-9 months.

We recommend treatment once a year. There will be less wrinkles even after the cessation of the action. Refresh your face by filling wrinkles, this will provide you a nicer smile!

Face regions that are successfully treated with Botox:
Horizontal forehead wrinkles,
Vertical glabellar lines or frown lines (“Frown lines”),
Laugh lines of or periorbital wrinkles (“Crow’s feet”),
Removing small wrinkles above the upper lip (“smoker’s wrinkles”),
Removing the wrinkles from the neck.

How long does the effect of Botox last?
The action of Botox lasts between 2-9 months. Botox initiation can be repeated an unlimited number of times at certain time intervals.

Aesthetic effect of Botox
Carefully applied in very small quantities it blocks the working of certain muscles, which participate in the face mimicry. This reduces and removes wrinkles on the face resulting from the powerful action of these muscles. The Botox application itself is almost painless. The intervention is done by applying anesthetics in the form of a cream on the face. Twenty minutes later, Botox is injected at certain points on the face. The effect of Botox is noticeable 3 to 7 days after injection. The action of Botox begins with the paralysis of the facial muscles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the nose, around the lips or neck. The effect lasts up to six months. After applying Botox, the face looks younger, relaxed and very natural.

Botox and excessive sweating
Botox can also be used in cases of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis). By injecting Botox into an armpit, we reduce or completely prevent sweating. After 3-7 days the effects are visible, lasting for an average of 6 months and can be repeated. Botox can also reduce excessive sweating on the palms and soles.

When Botox should not be used?
Pregnancy and breast-feeding,
Hemophilia and coagulopathy,
Myasthenia gravis,
Inflammation of the skin.


Word of doctor

Prim. PhD Vesna Jelić

Dermatological examination is a compulsory part in preparing both for invasive and non-invasive treatments that we perform within our clinic. Of course, within the ambulance, we provided you with all kinds of dermatovenerology examinations, reviewing and monitoring changes on the dermatoscope.

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