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Testicular cancer occurs in the male sex glands of the semen (testicles) settled in the scrotum. Semen (testicles) are male sex glands in which testosterone (sex hormone) is created that encourages the formation and maturation of sperm in the testicles that are necessary for fertilization.Testicular cancer is most commonly manifested by swelling, node, lump in one of the testicles, which is usually painless (painfull less commonly),by loss of sexual activity, the occurrence of blood in the ejaculate or symptoms caused by metastases of testicular cancer (lower back or lower abdominal pain due to metastases in the lymph nodes with aorta).

However, if the node in the testicle, or the tumor is smaller, or if it is located in the central, inner part of the testicle, it does not have to be tangible and does not have to trigger any symptoms as such, but if it exists, it is certainly visible by an ultrasound examination.

So sometimes they do not have any symptoms of the listed and have no tangible form, but they still have a testicle tumor.


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