Dermatology and venereal examinations

Dermatological examinations, processing, treatment and recommendations for:

Diseases and disorders of the face skin,
Examinations, processing and treatment of hair and scalp diseases (trichology),
Reviews and processing of birthmarks, and other skin outgrowths (dermatologic oncology),
Removal of birthmarks, benign and malignant skin outgrowths (dermatologic surgery),
Classic dermatological examinations, treatment and recommendations for skin diseases of adults and children,
Examinations, processing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (venereology),
Diagnostics and treatment of bacterial, viral and fungal diseases of the skin, hair and nails.


Word of doctor

Prim. PhD Vesna Jelić

Dermatological examination is a compulsory part in preparing both for invasive and non-invasive treatments that we perform within our clinic. Of course, within the ambulance, we provided you with all kinds of dermatovenerology examinations, reviewing and monitoring changes on the dermatoscope.

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