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In the Policlinic Bagatin, we use the most advanced dermatoscope of the renowned German company Visiomed AG, which specializes in medical diagnostics. It is an integrated system for early recognition of skin cancer, and is specifically designed to fulfill all the most important aspects of skin screening and visualization. Due to its precision, it is one of the most appreciated devices for the diagnosis of skin cancer, which is confirmed by numerous scientific awards and recognitions.
By synergy of various diagnostic modules, the dermatoscope provides a standardized overview of suspicious skin changes and detailed personal photo documentation and tracking of birthmarks over time. The device itself enlarges the skin from 15 to 120 times with calibrated optics in order to make the birthmark analysis consistent.

Digital dermatoscope allows photographing, marking, storing and transferring dermatoscopic photos, as well as clear visualization and analysis of suspicious lesions for both clients and doctors.

The advantage of checking the birthmarks with the help of digital dermatoscope:
Standardized birthmark examination during each control,
Monitoring the development of birthmarks over time – comparing the looks of birthmark with the previous one,
Depth analysis of the structure, shape and color of the birthmark,
Photo documentation – helps in deciding on the need for surgical removal of birthmark.


Word of doctor

Prim. PhD Vesna Jelić

Dermatological examination is a compulsory part in preparing both for invasive and non-invasive treatments that we perform within our clinic. Of course, within the ambulance, we provided you with all kinds of dermatovenerology examinations, reviewing and monitoring changes on the dermatoscope.

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