Diagnostic endoscopic examination

Endoscopy is a diagnostic method that examines the upper part of the digestive system – the stomach. An overview is done using a tiny camera at the end of a long, flexible tube. The review lasts very briefly, and is not unpleasant as it is thought and expected. Endoscopy reveals the cause of various gastro-intestinal problems, such as nausea, vomiting, feeling sick and tired, stomach pain, difficulty in swallowing food and fluids, ejection of blood, etc. Endoscopy also takes a sample of tissue to perform its testing and to remove or confirm suspicions for a particular medical condition.


Word of doctor

Doc. PhD. Jovan Ćulum

Abdominal surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with abdominal organs surgery, we provide great attention to preventive access and regular controls through endopic examination (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) within our clinic. Within the endoscopic ambulance there is also a dispensary equipped in accordance with the best medical practice and in line with world trends

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