Diagnostic-therapeutic interventions

Termination of pregnancy (aspirational curettage),
Medicamentous termination of pregnancy,
Exploratory curettages,
Removal of condyloma,
Hysteroscopy ….

A termination of pregnancy is an intervention that is performed on a woman’s request if the pregnancy is not older than ten weeks. It represents removal of ovulation tissue from the uterus. In certain cases, this intervention may be medically indicated. The intervention is performed in general anesthesia, and preparatory analyzes are needed, as well as an ultrasound examination to determine the age of pregnancy.
Exploratory curettage is an intervention that occurs when there is prolonged bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, etc., but also in all insufficiently clear situations when are required materials from endocervix or endometrium in order to establish a definitive diagnosis.
Cervix biopsy is an intervention that takes a sample of tissue from suspected places of the cervix, previously detected by a colposcopy examination.
LOOP is a way of removing atypical changes on the cervix, and represents the cutting of the cervix tissue using electricity.

Conization of cervix with endocervical curettage is an intervention that removes the cervical cone in premalignant lesions and carcinoma in situ epithelial cervix. It’s a therapeutic and diagnostic procedure. The operation lasts for about an hour, preparation takes one day, and the postoperative course requires treatment in hospital conditions within one day after the intervention itself.
Hysteroscopy – an endoscopic method that allows direct visualization and examination of the cervical canal and cavity of the uterus.
Laparoscopy – an endoscopic method that allows visualization and immediate insight into the morphology of the internal genital organs and small pelvis.
Removal of condyloma – Removal of condyloma is done very successfully, but there is no medicine that will permanently remove the HPV virus from the body.

Treatment of condyloma, that is removal of condyloma, is quite simple and there are several ways to do it:
Freezing (cryotherapy),
Burning of condyloma (electrocoagulation),
Liquid preparations based on podophyllin,
Interferon injection into condyloma that creates immunity to the virus,
Laser removal of condyloma,
Surgical way,
Medicament therapy (immunomodulators).


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