Examination and consultations

The review also includes an overview of the entire documentation of the patient’s examination or treatment. Give advices on further diagnostic procedures and treatment.
Possibility of additional ultrasound diagnosis.

First or regular examinations by the oncologist, consultations on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with malignant diseases,
Counseling and taking care of the complications of oncologic treatment.

An oncologist’s examination includes:
Examination of suspicious pigmented skin changes,
Clinical examination of the lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes,
Giving suggestions on further diagnostic procedures and treatment.


Word of doctor

PhD Branislava Jakovljević

Each patient is provided with the maximum commitment of an experienced and responsible oncology team. The medicines are provided by the Health Insurance Fund, and patients receive chemotherapy with a referral from a family doctor, patients are allowed to receive oncology therapy in a pleasant ambience, with discretion and comfort.

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