Ingrown toenail surgery

The ingrown toenail (Unguis incarnatus) is the acquired nail deformity where the nail grows marginally and grows into the soft tissue of the finger. It most commonly occurs on the foot thumb, on one or on both sides.The patient complains on the pain and difficulty while walking. Examination may determine the swelling, redness, the appearance of granulation and pus.

Prevention: If you experience pain in the edge of nail, if you have swelling and redness, ask your doctor for advice. It’s good if you solve the problem in time, so you can avoid surgery. If you postpone your visit to a doctor, if you suffer from an occasional occurrence of symptoms, or they stop occasionally – it will come to chronic inflammation, frequent use of antibiotics and frequent absence from work. Talk to the doctor before the operation is the only medicine.

At the very beginning, when you experience the first difficulty, a neat pedicure treatment can help. Proper nail cutting is also of great importance. If there is a deep nail ingrowth and the development of a chronic infection – the only solution is surgery.

The operation is done in local anesthesia, lasting for about ten minutes. It consists in the surgical removal of the infected granulation tissue and the part of the nail that has ingrown. In this occasion, it is also necessary to remove a narrow part of the nail root so that the problem does not happen again. The post-operative course lasts two to three days when is required to rest. The stitches are taken out from the seventh to the tenth day, after which for a while you feel mild pain and have a slight redness. Three weeks after surgery, you can return to long walks or exercise.


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