Inguinal, umbilical and ventral hernia

This hernia makes 75% of all hernias of the abdominal wall and about 25 times is more common in men than in women. These hernias are divided into two separate groups, direct and indirect. Both are in the groin but have different starting points. Both of them tend to look like a bump in the groin, and it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between what type it is.

Operative procedures on the anterior abdominal wall may later lead to the appearance of hernia at that place. According to the statistics, the possibility of occurrence after surgery is between 2 and 10%.

The frequency between (10-30%) is often seen at birth as a bulge in the area around the navel. This happens when the opening of the abdominal wall that should normally be closed does not close completely. If it is a small one, it usually gets closed before the second year of life.

The ones that do not close or have been large from the beginning should be operated at the age between 2 and 4. This hernia can also be developed in adults due to weakness in this part of the anterior abdominal wall or in women after delivery.


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