Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that performs diagnostics and surgical treatment of the knee. Contemporary arthroscopy began in the late 1960s, and over time technology and performance of the procedure became much more sophisticated and recovery after the procedure is short and painless.

Why is knee arthroscopy performed?
In case of pain in the knee, swelling, decreased mobility or weakness of the knee, the orthopedist can refer the patient to the recording and further searches to find out the cause of the problem.

Arthroscopy can be used to diagnose a certain disease or knee injury. During arthroscopy, the surgeon enters the structure of the knee using a micro camera and examines them to determine the cause of the problem or dysfunction of the knee.

Also, arthroscopy is used as a procedure that removes a particular medical problem if the patient does not respond positively to a conservative therapy that usually involves resting your knees, physical therapy, putting cold gauzes and painkillers.

With this surgical procedure is done:
Treatment of meniscus rupture,
Reconstruction of the injured ligament,
Removal of the inflamed synovial envelope,
Removal of a part of damaged articular cartilage,
Removal of parts of the bones or cartilage after injury,
Treatment of an injured kneecap,
Knee structure infections.

Knee arthroscopy attempts to remove the source of pain and problems in the knee and prevent further destruction of the structures in the joint.

How is knee arthroscopy performed?
Before the procedure, the patient receives local or regional anesthesia, depending on the doctor’s decision.
Then, through a small cut at a width of 1 centimeter, a surgeon introduces an arthroscope, an instrument with a micro camera and a light, into the interior of the knee. The camera enables monitoring of the operation on a special monitor.

The knee is then filled with a physiological sterile solution to increase its volume and to allow the surgeon to have more space to perform the procedure.
Through the second small cut surgeon introduces instruments that are used in an operation. With more demanding procedures, a third cut may also be required through which are included additional instruments, materials for the replacement of cartilage, or replacement tendons.
This surgical procedure is somewhat more complicated than the classic surgical procedure that opens the entire knee, but gives better results, a smaller scar and shortens the recovery time. The procedure usually takes about 45 minutes.

Recovery after knee arthroscopy
After the surgery, an orthosis is placed that will immobilize the knee in order to make it heal properly.
Few days after surgery, pain can be felt in the operative area for which are used classical analgesics.
Also, there may be bleeding in the area of the joint and muscle weakness, which is common in the postoperative period. In the case of blood, it is necessary to go for a change of bandage. The patient is referred to physical therapy as soon as possible after the procedure to avoid muscle atrophy and possible damage to the operative tissue. Recovery after the surgery on meniscus usually lasts for about a month, and reconstruction of ligaments may require a longer recovery within 6 months, this is often the case with professional athletes.
After surgery, the knee should rest, by holding the foot on the raised pillow. Under the knees, a pillow should not be placed. During recovery, pain can be mitigated by placing cold gauze and flexing lightly, if approved by the orthopedist.

Possible complications
Complications after knee arthroscopy are very rare and usually do not represent a major health problem, which are:
An infection that is manifested through increased body temperature and shivering,
Creation of clots,
A feeling of stiffness in the knee,
Blood accumulation in the affected area.


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