Measurement of bone density

The measurement of bone mineral density on the osteodensitometer is a gold standard for early diagnosis of osteoporosis. Bone mineral density is measured in the area of the lumbar spine, the hip and the lower part of the forearm. The method is reliable, comfortable, short lasting (5-10 min), painless, radiation dose is minimal, and precision is high.

The Office for Osteoporosis of the Dr Miroslav Zotović Institute has a modern computerized osteodensitometer DXA Lunar Prodigy Advance which has the following possibilities:
Standard measurement of mineral bone density (BMD g / cm²) of the central and peripheral skeleton (lumbar spine, hips, forearm),
DXA methods,
Pediatric software,
Orthopedic software (measuring BMD around implants),
Body composition.

Radiographic examination of the spinal column should be done with:
Suspicion of osteoporotic fracture,
Sudden severe back pain,

In case of loss of body height of more than 3 cm,
Proper DXA findings, where there is clinical suspicion of osteoporosis.

Besides physician specialist, the team of osteoporosis is also formed of specialist in medical biochemistry, nurses, physiotherapists, work therapists, psychologists, RTG technicians, and laboratories. If necessary, an endocrinologist, orthopedist, gynecologist and social worker are engaged.

Laboratory analyzes are needed to exclude secondary causes of osteoporosis. Laboratory tests are performed in the Biochemical-Hematological Laboratory (SE, blood test results, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase, calcium and phosphorus in serum and 24 hour urine, transaminases, protein electrophoresis, determination of vitamin D (25-OH) in serum, markers of bone building and decomposition , most commonly Osteocalcin and Beta Crosslaps.

Bone markers evaluate the speed of bone remodeling, the therapeutic response, and the risk of fracture.


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