Physical therapy

Physical therapy provides services to people in order to develop, maintain and restore maximum functional mobility and functional abilities at all ages. Physiotherapy deals with recognizing and increasing the possibility of movement within the area of improvement, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a service performed and supervised by a physiotherapist and consists of evaluation, determination of functional status (physiotherapeutic diagnosis), planning, intervention.

Physiotherapy involves interaction between a physiotherapist, a patient or a client, and a family / guardian.

A physiotherapeutic procedure that starts with an evaluation with particular attention to postural relationships, that is body health, including cardiorespiratory, nervous and muscular potential, as well as the ability to move, focuses on determining the real problem and intervention strategy and is consistent regardless of the circumstances under which it is practically taken. These circumstances will vary depending on whether physiotherapy deals with health promotion, prevention, treatment or rehabilitation.

The evaluation includes an overview of an individual or group that begins with getting acquainted with medical documentation. Through an interview with a patient /client about the problem of actual or potential damage, functional constraints, disability or other health conditions, a anamnesis is taken.

By additional screening and using special tests and measurements, clinical conclusion is synthesized and physiotherapeutic diagnosis is made. Physiotherapeutic diagnosis can be expressed in terms of movement disorders or may include categories of damage, functional constraints, incapacity, or syndrome.

Planning begins by determination of the need for intervention and it normally leads to the development of an intervention plan, including measurable results of the goals agreed in cooperation with the patient /client, family, or guardian.

Alternatively, it may lead to referral to another expert in cases that are not suitable for physiotherapy, that is that are not in the scope of work of the physiotherapist.


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