Pregnancy monitoring

The first examination in pregnancy should be done as soon as possible after confirming the diagnosis, or certainly before week 8 for healthy pregnant women. For risk pregnancies, the first review is recommended before 6th week. Healthy pregnant women, which include about 80% of the pregnant population, are examined every month by 28th week, and then every three weeks by 36th week. Next examination is done with 38 weeks and after that every week by the term of birth, that is 40 weeks.

After 40 weeks are completed, examinations are done every 2 days. Pregnant women who don’t give birth by 41st week are examined every day until they give birth. Today we consider that pregnant woman with neat pregnancy can go 10 days over the term of birth without any danger for the baby. If we are sure that the age of the pregnancy is calculated properly, and we overcame the term for around 10 days, we can induce delivery by one of the accepted methods today.


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