An overview of a proctologist is a review of a surgeon-proctologist who sets the exact diagnosis of large intestine disease and prescribes therapy based on anamnesis, clinical examination, and proctoscopy. An overview is needed if you notice fresh blood or dysfunction in the stool, change of the stool, nodule on the anal opening, itch around the anal aperture, or if you feel pain in the anus with the stool. This review is particularly important and needed if someone in the family is suffering from polyps or intestinal cancer.

The examination consists of an inspection (examination of the skin around the anus and vagina), digital rectal examination (examination of the end of intestine with a finger) and an anoscopy or proctoscopy (examination of the end of colon by direct observation using a special apparatus).

Proctological examination is completely painless and of great importance in the early detection of malignant colorectal disease.


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Doc. PhD. Jovan Ćulum

Abdominal surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with abdominal organs surgery, we provide great attention to preventive access and regular controls through endopic examination (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) within our clinic. Within the endoscopic ambulance there is also a dispensary equipped in accordance with the best medical practice and in line with world trends

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