Rectoscopy is a specialist examination of the mucous membrane of the back part of the colon (rectum) at a depth of 20 to 25 centimeters. Considering that about 80% of colorectal tumors are found in this area, this review is extremely important, especially if someone in the family is suffering from polyps or colorectal cancer, or if there is a suspicion of genetic predisposition to the development of these diseases . This review is, with other prophylactic reviews such as digital rectal examination and proctoscopy, essential for the early detection of malignant cells, and the regular control (every two years) is recommended for people under the age of 45.


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Doc. PhD. Jovan Ćulum

Abdominal surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with abdominal organs surgery, we provide great attention to preventive access and regular controls through endopic examination (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) within our clinic. Within the endoscopic ambulance there is also a dispensary equipped in accordance with the best medical practice and in line with world trends

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