Removal of various skin changes with CO2 laser

Due to its positive properties, the surgical CO2 laser has found a wide use in the surgery. It is mainly used for correction of eyelids, hair transplantation, correction of earlobe, treatment of embedded nails, removal of various skin changes, growths (foot corn, callus, warts, hyperpigmentation, keratosis, capillaries).

As laser beams do not damage the surrounding tissue, coagulation of the small blood vessels stops bleeding, and lymphoid coagulation reduces the leakage of lymph node. The scar after the intervention is almost invisible. The recovery from edema, from the laser-induced swelling, lasts for about three days.


Darko Jović

Word of doctor

Doc. PhD. Darko Jović

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a special part of the surgery where the emphasis is on correcting or correcting certain inborn deficiencies or defects caused by certain injuries or changes. Restoring as natural as it looks, as well as functionality is our primary goal.

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