Surgical removal of skin changes

Removing these changes is easy and it is done in the so-called regime of small surgical procedures, which means in local anesthesia and without the need for special rest after surgery. Some changes can be removed without sewing, therefore without scarring.

Surgical methods used are excision (cut-out), simply or with the help of less “plastic” – some of the local slits, or extraction mainly for subcutaneous changes.

Most skin changes are benign and do not need to be removed, unless they are aesthetically satisfying. Skin changes that are surgically removed are: birthmark (nevus), freckles, warts, fibromas (growths made of connective tissue), angiomas (capillary growths), keratosis and similar. All these changes are benign and their removal does not present any danger. Subcutaneous changes due to which the most commonly required surgical intervention are: atheroma (sebaceous cyst), lipoma (benign growth of fatty tissue), neurofibromatosis and similar.


Darko Jović

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Doc. PhD. Darko Jović

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a special part of the surgery where the emphasis is on correcting or correcting certain inborn deficiencies or defects caused by certain injuries or changes. Restoring as natural as it looks, as well as functionality is our primary goal.

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