Testicular prosthesis

In cases where one testicle has not developed at all (agenesis) or has been surgically removed due to a disease, trauma or posture that could not be surgically corrected and therefore it was removed, an empty spot in the scrotal bag may be filled with the insertion of the testicular prosthesis in order to compensate for the cosmetic defect.

The testicular prosthesis is an implant designed to replace the shape and size of the natural testicle with a surgery. The consistency of prosthesis material eliminates the risk of migration inside the body. The silicone elastin measurement of the last generation, that used to make this prosthesis, provides a consistency for design so that it resembles the testicle, thanks to the reduced firmness of the base material.

The surgery is performed in local anesthesia, which is quite sufficient, and can also be performed in general endotracheal anesthesia. The examination range is determined based on the type of anesthesia in which the procedure is performed.

A cut in the lower part of the groin prepares the denture for the prosthesis in the scrotal bag, after that the prosthesis is placed and fixed. The wound is closed by layers with resorptive material.

In this way, the problem of lack of testicles in the scrotum as a cosmetic defect is permanently solved, and the prostheses are very similar to the size and consistency of the true structure of the testicle.


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