Treatment with stem cells

Thanks to new knowledge, today we are able to refer patients to the BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT process. And that is the use of autologous conditioned plasma – ACP or PRP method!

Besides the release of the so-called growth factor, in the process is excreted a whole series of molecules that are required for tissue regeneration. The effect of autologous conditioned plasma on the healing of soft tissues, is the result of the activation of several growth factors in our blood.

It is precisely the growth factors that are responsible for the processes of tissue healing, their increased concentration speeds up the recovery in case of injuries of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues and it significantly relieves the problems caused by arthrosis or “aging” of the joint.

In addition, modern orthopedics uses stem cells in the treatment of joint changes. STEM CELLS of our body have the ability to transform into any type of cell. We find them in the bone marrow and in the fat tissue (adipocyte).

Early studies have shown that the adipocytes in this environment serve as an ideal biological substrate that contains completely preserved mesenchymal stem cells with the possibility of modulating the immune response resulting in REGENERATION of damaged tissue.

Stem cells are isolated in a very short time and are ready for application in the desired region. The main advantage of this technique is the minimum invasiveness and speed of treatment. The most common application is the area of large joints of the human body, which are located on the lower limbs – the knee and hip!


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