Ultrasound of children’s hips and musculoskeletal system

Ultrasound diagnostics or ultrasonography is a radiological method that uses ultrasonic waves of high frequency to obtain an image of the internal structures of the body. Ultrasound is used for detecting changes in the appearance of organs and tissues, and to detect abnormal formations like tumors.At Ultrasound examination we do not use ionizing radiation (such as CT or roentgen shooting).
Since Ultrasound recording takes place in real time, it is possible to display the organs in movements as well as the blood flow through the vessels. Ultrasound of bone-joint system displays muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other soft tissue structures of the body.

Radiologist – specialist in radiology was trained to perform Ultrasound exams and to interpret Ultrasound images, analyze the recorded images and write a radiological finding. If necessary, you will discuss your findings with a doctor who directed you to take a shot.

Ultrasound of bone-joint system is usually used for diagnosis of:
Injuries to the tendon, for example an injury of a rotating shoulder cuff or Achilles tendon,
Muscle abnormalities, such as muscle ruptures or soft tissue formations in them,
Bleeding and other ongoing formations in muscles, bursas or joints,
Less benign and malignant soft tissue tumor formations,
Early changes in inflammatory joint diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis).

Ultrasound waves hardly penetrate through the bone and show only the outer bone contour. To display the internal structure of the bone or the inside of the joints, we use other radiological methods, primarily MR.


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