Undescended testicles

Testicular retention or undescended testicle is a disorder in which during the intrauterine development of the boy there was no dropping of the testicle into their natural position – in the scrotum.
The testicles can be undescended only on one side or on both sides.

Testicles begin to develop in the abdomen (stomach). During the development of the child in the uterus, testicles, due to a series of hormonal and anatomic influences, descend towards the scrotum. Therefore, it is a congenital anomaly of male external genitalia. This disorder can occur at any stage of descending, so it depends on this where the undescended testicle will remain.

The testicle can be located anywhere on the path from the stomach to the scrotum – in the stomach, at the entrance to the inguinal canal, at the exit from the canal, and at the entrance to the scrotum. Most often the undescended testicle is located in the pocket below the subcutaneous fat tissue after it emerged from the inguinal canal.

In case of healthy boys born in term, the frequency of testicular retention is from 1% to 2%, depending on the study and the monitored population. In case of prematurely born boys, the frequency of undescended testicles at birth is somewhat higher, but at the age of one year, this is practically equal.


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