Project Description

Branislava Jakovljević

PhD Branislava Jakovljević

Internist oncologist

Born on 2nd of July, 1967 in Belgrade.

1974. – 1986. :: Elementary school and medical high school in Prijedor.
1986. – 1992. :: Medical College in Banja Luka.
1996. – 2000. :: Specialization from Internal medicine – Clinic Centre, Banja Luka.
2002. – 2003. :: Subspecialization from clinic oncology – Institute for oncology and radiology, Sremska Kamenica,
8th of February, 2002. :: Medical College Novi Sad: master degree on subject “Role of Helicobacter pylori infection in the etiology of stomach carcinoma”,
23rd of May, 2006. :: Medical College Banja Luka: Doctor dissertation on the subject: “Algorithm of diagnostics and therapy for patients with focal changes in the liver”,
Medical College in Banja Luka – Scientific title: Doctor of Medical Science; Academic title: Associate Professor since 2012.

1994 – 2011 Clinic for Oncology, Clinic Centre Banja Luka ,
Since 2011 – Health Institution “S-tetik”,
Since 2007 – Chief of Department of subject Oncology on Medical College on the University of Banja Luka.

European School of Oncology (ESO), Sarajevo, 1998.,
Institute for Oncology and radiology, 1999. – 2007.,
Cancer week, Belgrade 1999. – 2007.,
Oncologic days of Republic of Srpska 2005. – 2009.,
GCP Workshop, Sarajevo, 2006.,
29th ESMO Congress, Vienna, 2004.,
ECCO, Paris, 2005.,
8th World Congress for Gastrointestinal tumors, Barcelona, 2006.,
31st ESMO Congress, Istanbul, 2006.,
32nd ESMO Symposium of testicle carcinoma, Munich, 2008.,
Breast carcinoma – diagnostics and treatment, Banja Luka, 2009.,
ESGE 6th school of gastroenterology, Sarajevo, 2009.,
French – Serbian Oncologic Congress, Early breast cancer, Novi Sad, 2009.,
34th ESMO multidisciplinary oncologic congress, Berlin, 2009.,
2nd European urologic multidisciplinary congress, Barcelona, 2009 .,
Appliance of high-dosed chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced testicle carcinoma, Tenon Hospital Paris, 2010.,
French – Serbian Oncologic Congress, Colorectal carcinoma, Novi Sad, 2010.,
35th ESMO Congress, Milano, 2010.,
41st ESMO Congress, Copenhagen.

Association of oncologists of Republic of Srpska,
Society of medical doctors of Republic of Srpska,
Association of oncologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO),
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO),
European Association of Urology (EAU),
Balkansko udruženje onkologa (BUON).

Co – researcher in numerous multicentric clinical studies.

“Promotion of health and prevention of malignant diseases”, 2002. ,
“Early detection of testicle carcinoma in Republic of Srpska”, 2010. (project carrier),
“Screening of colorectal carcinoma in Republic of Srpska”, 2010 (project carrier).

Jovanovic D. and assoc: Basics of oncology and palliative care of oncologic patients”, University of Novi Sad, 2008 (Chapter 9.1 TNM classification of malignant tumors),
Vulic D, Babic N.: “Chronic diseases – prevention and control”, Banja Luka, 2011 (Chapter 13, Prevention and control of malignant diseases),
Zrnic B.: “Dermatovenerology”, Medical College Banja Luka-Novi Sad-Foca, 2011 (Chapter 30, Skin tumors),
Jakovljevic B. and assoc: “Basics of clinic oncology with radiotherapy” (university book), Medical College of the University Banja Luka, 2015. ,
Mekic Abazovic A “Urgent conditions in oncology”, University in Zenica, 2016 (Chapter in monograph).

As the author and co-author published more than 100 scientific and professional works in the country and abroad.

Foreign languages: English, German, French.
Married with two children.